Liudmyla Chymbay
Larysa Popkova


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Language: Ukrainian
Abstract. The article presents the results of a comparative analysis of material and technical support of general secondary education institutions (GSEIs) of Ukraine in the period 2016/2017–2021/2022 academic years. The article analyses scientific publications of domestic scientists on the problems of modernization of school education on the basis of updating the technical arsenal of teaching aids, optimizing the implementation of existing state programs aimed at informatization, computerization and updating of the material and technical base of educational institutions. The authors also studied the foreign experience in the development of public education. The article outlines a list of regulatory and legislative acts on which the formation and development of the material and technical facilities of GSEIs are based. The information base of indicators of material and technical support was created using general scientific and special research methods on the basis of processed information of statistical summary tables (namely, № D-4 “Data on facilities of general secondary education institutions and the use of modern information technologies” (without special GSEIs) by institutions of the Ministry of Education and science of Ukraine, other ministries and agencies and private institutions and № 76-RVК “Summary report of general secondary education institutions”) and operational information of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. In connection with the beginning of the Russian military aggression against Ukraine, changes have occurred in the organization of the educational process of general secondary education, in particular, the procedure for the formation of the contingent of students and teachers. At the same time, the сondition of material and technical support components has changed as a result of the loss and damage to the education infrastructure. The article proposes to introduce additional indicators for assessing the state of the general secondary education system in wartime conditions. Key indicators of GSEIs facilities were analysed, including total and rented school space, leased space, number of classrooms and distribution of classrooms per student, and number of classrooms by region, terrain type (urban localities, rural areas) and types of institutions (primary schools, gymnasiums, lyceums) to identify the problems of material and technical support of GSEIs and further identify ways of their solution. The post-war condition of the material and technical base of general secondary education should be the subject of further study.
Keywords: material and technical base, general secondary education institutions, analytical indicators, classrooms, buildings, premises.

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