Myroslava Vovk
Svitlana Solomakha
Yuliia Hryshchenko


Full text (pdf)
Language: Ukrainian
Abstract. The article describes the state of conducting various types of practice in higher education institutions based on the results of a survey of teachers, practice managers. The results of the survey of teachers, practice managers showed that teachers are aware of the need to implement qualitative changes in the conduct of practice, including the creation of high-quality scientific and methodological support for the conduct of practice; the establishment of a stable relationship with educational institutions; the need to develop virtual resources for the organization of practice; the use of practice results in the research work, in the creation of a database; the structuring of the content of practice on the interdisciplinary basis; the establishment of an effective partnership between the management of institutions of higher pedagogical or professional pre-higher education, educational institutions, and other stakeholders; the expediency of interaction with scientific institutions while improving the process of conducting practice at various levels; the need for decent payment for managing the practice, etc. We outlined the current challenges in organizing practical training of future teachers at bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral educational levels, including the need to preserve the traditions of conducting various types of practice formed in the institutions of higher or professional pre-higher education; ensuring the use of interactive forms, methods, technologies to form appropriate professional competencies within the practice; the expediency of establishing a partnership with educational institutions, organizations, branches; the need to use remote forms of organizing practice, which is especially important in the context of a pandemic (Google Moodle programs, Microsoft Classroom, Teams, Zoom, Hangouts, and Skype communication platforms); ensuring the pragmatism of the organization of various types of practice, which is focusing on the collection and systematization of empirical material for writing qualification papers, on mastering the real «tools» of future professional activities.
Keywords: practice, practical training, institution of higher pedagogical education, challenges, survey.

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