Elena Bilichak

ORCID ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2377-731X


Abstract. The article is focused on the research of modern legal personnel training. In the introductory part of the article, attention is drawn to the fact that ongoing education reforms in Ukraine are a manifestation of the state’s European integration policy. In turn, such a policy is the result of the deliberate choice of the overwhelming majority of the population of Ukraine who identify themselves as Europeans and willing to join the European Union. With the help of the historical methods and formal logic, the main part of the research is concentrated on the retrospective analysis of the problems existing in the legal education system. It is concluded that they are rooted in the totalitarian past of Ukraine, and are caused by the high corruption level in the law-enforcement system, which is the result of the outright and sometimes frankly unlawful policy of the former national political leaders. The main problem in the training of lawyers in Ukraine lies in the low-quality level of educational services. It is emphasized that in general terms of the changes in the system of higher education reform of legal training requires a separate approach, which will be scientifically based. The provisions of the draft Concept on Legal Education Reform, published on the website of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for the purpose of public discussion are considered. Attention is drawn to the provisions, which introduce separate approaches to legal education in the areas of regulated and unregulated legal activity types. In view of the objective realities, it is grounded that there is no need in introducing a separate training system for lawyers who will continue to practice in the field of regulated types of the legal profession (lawyers, prosecutors, judges). Based on the application of the comparative-legal method, proposals are made to improve the system of training lawyers by changing the teaching methods of individual legal disciplines, taking into account the relevant experience of US law schools. The necessity of reforming the legal education system in Ukraine is proven, while the need to comply with the priority of national interests when introducing any changes is noted.

Keywords: national educational policy, higher education, legal education, legal activity.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.32987/2617-8532-2019-3-57-68

JEL classification: I28.