Oksana Denysiuk



Natalia Tytarenko




Abstract. The article analyzes the external and internal risk factors that accompany the process of forming a hub schools network in the context of monitoring the quality of academic performance of hub schools’ pupils. The authors examine the nature of risks through the prism of philosophical, pedagogical, economic, sociological, and psychological points of view taking into account the multidisciplinary nature of education. In the research framework, the authors analyze the results of the questionnaire survey among hub schools’ principals and identified possible risks and potential challenges faced by newly established hub schools in Ukraine. The data on the international experience of European countries and countries of North and South America in which the network of hub schools operates is also processed. This research has helped to summarize the collected material and form the risks and ways to overcome them in the process of creating a hub schools network. The primary mission of a hub school is to ensure equal access to quality education for pupils who until recently received education in under-filled rural schools and who did not always receive a high-quality education in comparison with pupils from big cities. Measuring and analyzing the level of academic performance of hub schools’ pupils are necessary for tracking the dynamics of the quality of education services provision and preventing the risks associated with the «quality of education» category. The article highlights the main points of the research on the results of external independent evaluation of those who finished hub schools as an indicator of the quality of the educational process. The research results suggest that monitoring the process of establishing and functioning of hub schools and conducting relevant research on the level of academic performance provide the basis for the formation of a strategy to prevent risks that complicate the implementation of the principle of equal access to quality education.

Keywords: hub school, educational district, education system, network of hub schools, risks, risk factors.


JEL classification: H52, I21, I22, I28.