Olga Anisimova



Abstract. The article examines the definition, key models and framework of the internationalization of higher education. The analysis of the main stages in the development of the internationalization process, the main forms and models of its implementation is carried out. The main forms of implementation of the internationalization of higher education are determined. The role of the international associations of HEIs in expanding the process of the internationalization of higher education is defined. Internationalization of higher education has been found to intensify the competition between HEIs, leading to improved quality of educational services. It has been identified that the reason for the increase in the number of students studying abroad is increasingly due to market processes rather than government policy or assistance. Internationalization of higher education creates new opportunities and contributes to the availability and quality of higher education, the introduction of innovative methods of work in higher education systems, and the enhancement of international cooperation. Internationalization comes in many forms. The physical movement of students and teachers remains the most common. However, new technologies and developments create new possibilities for internationalization. In a number of universities offering commercially available distance learning, preference is given to simpler technical and software solutions. However, the combination of online and direct learning gives the best results, so there should be the right combinations that best meet the needs of interna­tionalization. Today’s students treat internationalization differently than previous genera­tions because internationalization is becoming part of their daily lives. They critically evaluate the period of study abroad. Modern students clearly analyze the advantages of staying abroad compared to other forms of internationalization and choose the most attractive and appropriate ones for their purposes.

Keywords: internationalization of higher education, Bologna declaration, European Research Area, mass open online courses, intellectual migration.


JEL classification: I21, I23, I28.