Abstract. The article examines approaches to assessing the cost of specialists’ training in the field of higher education. It is noted that over the past few years, Ukraine has shown an obvious tendency to a gradual level reduction of expenditures on education. In the framework of the ongoing discussion, supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, a number of ideas have been generated on possible solutions to the crisis situation in the field of higher education. The most important of these are those relating to the transition of higher education institutions to the status of non-profit organizations, multi-channel financing of higher education with the expansion of the range of financial instruments applicable to a market economy, raising the level of targeting of public educational expenditures, implementation of a competent approach in the Ukrainian high school. The article defines that an important task of educational policy in Ukraine is to increase the efficiency of budget funds usage within the framework of the budget program «Specialists’ training by the higher educational institutions of the III and IV accreditation levels and providing of the activity of their bases for practice». One of the ways is the transition to the principle of «money follows the student». In 2016 for the first time within the framework of the introductory campaign, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine divided the expenditures on financing of the state order places into the base and the variational part. A larger volume of the variational part was envisaged for those higher educational institutions whose entrants were selected in accordance with their ratings. To justify the distribution of funds among the higher educational institutions in the variational part framework, the article considers approaches to improving the methodology for determining the cost of training of one specialist of a particular specialty and corresponding educational qualification level.

Keywords: «money follows the student», the cost of student training.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.32987/2617-8532-2017-1-6-17

JEL classification: H41, H52, І22, І23, І28.