Ivan Gaiduk


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Language: Ukrainian
Abstract. The article systematizes the list of guarantees for preserving and increasing pension contributions to the professional non-state pension fund (PNPF) for education and science workers. The author conducted an analysis of the total number of pedagogical and academic staff in terms of educational levels in Ukraine. The list of the main subjects in the activity of the NPF is summarized and the functions performed by them are systematized. The author schematically constructs a mechanism for the functioning of the PNPF, based on a clear hierarchy of participation of each subject, depending on his role. Incentive measures and advantages of potential participation in the PNPF are proposed, due to the implementation of which a significant increase in the number of stakeholders will become possible. The current quantitative composition of NPFs in the regions of Ukraine is analyzed and the dynamics of the structure of invested pension assets over a number of years is shown. Proposals and recommendations are provided for PNPF’s subjects, which will contribute to better informing the population and more efficient use of available financial instruments. The purpose of the article is to substantiate the possibilities of creating a professional NPF for education and science workers and to discover the mechanism of its functioning. Given the chronic deficit of the Pension Fund of Ukraine, the solidarity pension system is currently considered to be insufficient in social protection for pensioners. Demographic trends show an increase in the number of elderly people, as opposed to the slow growth of the economically active population, confirm this even more. In such circumstances, the idea of creating a professional non-governmental pension fund for education and science workers, taking into account the work of existing funds in the non-state pension insurance system, would make it possible to provide an additional source of income after the retirement of this category of socially important Ukrainian citizens. Therefore, a system of incentives, combined with a valid automatic enrollment mechanism, should become the driver of successful nationwide citizen engagement. According to the world experience, the new development level of the non-state pension insurance system can be reached only with the coordinated work of all its subjects.
Keywords: pension provision, non-state pension system, non-state pension fund, professional non-state pension fund.

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