Sofiia Dombrovska


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Language: Ukrainian
Abstract. The presented work describes the urgency and necessity of the formation of financial literacy among the population of Ukraine. The importance of financial literacy formation among the youth of the country is substantiated, especially it is necessary for higher education seekers, which are potential carriers and future transmitters of knowledge and skills to the next generation. The essence and significance of financial literacy of a person are analyzed, and its main characteristics and features are described. The analysis of statistical information on the main components of the Financial Literacy Index of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development of the population of Ukraine was conducted based on such factors as age, sex, level of education and place of residence (city or village). It is established that the category of the young population of Ukraine needs knowledge and skills in financial literacy and rational financial behavior the most. The preconditions of the low level of the Financial Literacy Index of the young population of Ukraine are described. The main reasons for financial illiteracy are the lack of information, knowledge and skills on financial literacy acquired in the family and educational institutions. The article justifies the significance and importance of integration of financial literacy in the form of an educational component for applicants in HEIs. The role and place of a teacher in HEIs for the development of financial literacy among students are described. The main conceptual, methodological and practical problems and contradictions of the introduction of financial literacy in the cognitive process of HEI students are presented. The main recommendations and proposals for improving the level of financial literacy of applicants for higher education in Ukraine are given. Current and innovative methods and ways allowing to improve the level of financial literacy of seekers of higher education in modern socio-economic conditions were highlighted.
Keywords: economic socialization, financial literacy, increasing the level of financial socialization, economic sciences, applicant for higher education.

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