Mykola Shevchenko
Anastasiia Simakhova


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Language: Ukrainian
Abstract. The paper considers the development of general secondary education in Ukraine over the last century. The relevance of this article lies mainly in the analysis of the basic principles of implementation of the NUS (New Ukrainian School) reform and is also aggravated by such problems as the reduction in the number of general secondary education institutions, the establishment of support schools and lyceums, provision of transportation for students and teachers, development of appropriate infrastructure, etc. To achieve the purpose of the study the following tasks were identified: to study the dynamics and trends of general secondary education development, to analyze the situation in this area within the regions of Ukraine, to identify the problems in the reforming of general secondary education in terms of meeting the requirements for specialized education. The Law of Ukraine «On Complete General Secondary Education» was analyzed in detail and the main changes and amendments to this document were described on the example of statistical educational indicators. The article also addressed the problem of the gap in the provision of educational services between urban and rural schools. The results of the survey showed that the analysis of the development of specialized education in Ukraine was not fully studied. There are already some differences between regions in terms of the number of general secondary schools and the number of students in them. The proposed reform to create a network of lyceums would significantly increase the area to be served by one institution, which would exacerbate the problem of transporting students and teachers to schools, increase the time spent there, as well as actualize other infrastructural issues.
Keywords: general secondary education, New Ukrainian School reform, general secondary education institutions, students, specialized education, regions of Ukraine.

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