DENYSIUK Oksana, DRON Tetiana, KOLODII ViktoriiaTKACHENKO Valentyna, TYTARENKO Natalia


Abstract. The article outlines the peculiarities of the organization and financing of the network of hub schools, which were identified in the framework of the study «Functioning of Hub Schools» conducted by the Institute of Educational Analytics in pursuance of the letter of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in the spring of 2017. The basic problems of the establishment of hub schools are as follows: lack of a strategic vision at the state level of the development model, the purpose of the functioning of the hub school; lack of infrastructure management plan; insufficient level of autonomy of educational institutions subordinated to local educational authorities; uncertainty of funding sources, inappropriate funds distribution; lack of reliable statistical data for the analysis and forecasts for optimization of educational institutions; absence of open-source data on OS functioning. The results of the study «Operation of Hub Schools» have allowed us to formulate top-priority ways to overcome such as follows development of a strategy for the development of a network of hub schools; debugging of the open data system; creation of transportation system with geolocation of schools (definition of optimal distance between schools); organization of communication strategy of the state; parental involvement in the formation of the state policy in secondary schools, implementation of this policy at the local communities level. In addition, the organization of an effective collecting statistics system identifies the real situation in the educational space and timely adjusts the process taking into account the positive trends in the organization of new types of educational institutions for Ukrainian education. Having analysed the state of funding for the hub schools, the following trends are identified: lack of funding for support institutions; need to increase the financial literacy of headmasters of hub schools for effective management of an educational institution; need to find additional sources of funding for educational institutions, among which headmasters indicate sponsorship financial assistance, revenues from foreign investors, and parental investment in the development of an educational institution.

Keywords: hub school, branch, educational district, quality of education.


JEL classification: H52, I21, I22, I28.