Sergii Melnyk


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Language: Ukrainian
Abstract. The article reveals the results of the author’s research aimed at determining the need for teachers in the official and regional labor markets. In the current context, this issue is highly relevant and in demand, and it is a key component in ensuring the quality of education services and the effective use of resources from different levels of budgets. The calculations were based on official statistics of the State Statistics Service, the State Employment Service and regional (Kyiv city) employment centers. Information obtained over the last 3 years on the supply and demand of teachers in terms of regions, positions, pedagogical specialties and educational degrees (educational and qualification level of Junior Specialist) was used to calculate the relevant forecast staffing needs. The basis for forecasting work was the author’s methodological approaches to determining the need for specialists in specialties. The general conclusion based on the results of the conducted research is that in today’s conditions approximately 80,0 % of graduates of the relevant field do not «reach» the profile vacancies. This situation is due to financial (low wages, lack of significant social packages and preferences, etc.), general (outflow of youth abroad, etc.), and moral and ethical (difficult working conditions of teachers, falling prestige of work as teachers and educators, etc.) factors. In addition, considering the dynamic changes associated with the reform of the provision of educational services both in Ukraine and abroad, urgent changes and additions to the National Classifier of Ukraine DK 003 «Classifier of Professions» are required. This is primarily due to the obsolescence of many pedagogical positions, their dispersion and artificial underestimation of the requirements for educational degrees, especially concerning the educational and qualification level of a Junior Specialist. In-depth research and opinion polls of a wide range of respondents are required for a more detailed analysis of the reasons for the refusal of graduate teachers from further activities to provide educational services.
Keywords: balance, methodological approaches, national and regional official labor markets, demand and supply of teachers in the professional context, forecasting the need for teachers, specialty.


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