RAKOV Sergiy


 Abstract. The system of analytical studies in the field of education, carried out under the auspices of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and based on data from a number of long-term international comparative programs that examine the competencies of citizens of different countries: PISA (competence level of 15-year-olds), TALIS (conditions of teaching and learning), PIAAC (competence level of adult citizens), CERI (innovation in education) was analyzed. The ar­ticle presents the structure of an open online library of analytical research results in the field of education OECD-iLibrary and reviews of some of its thematic sections with a list of working materials on the results of research published in 2017–2018, as well as abstracts of OECD publications on the state of the education system in Ukraine. The conclusion is drawn on the feasibility of mastering the OECD experience in conducting analytical studies of the quality of education on the basis of evidence-based data for the development of the national EMIS (Education Management Information System) as an information basis of the decentralized public-government model in education management. It was proposed to translate some materials of the OECD into Ukrainian to familiarize them with a wide range of researchers, educators and active representatives of civil society in Ukraine.

 Keywords:  EMIS, Open Data Portal in education, evidence based data education management, standardized testing, PISA, analytical studies in education, OECD Education Programs, OECD-iLibrary.


JEL classification: I20, I21.