Oksana Denysiuk
Nataliia Tytarenko

MONITORING OF THE NEW UKRAINIAN SCHOOL AS A PART OF MANAGEMENT ACTIVITY (a case study of the research on vocational guidance of students during general secondary education)

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Language: Ukrainian
Abstract. The implementation of any reform in general, and education in particular, includes the monitoring of its implementation. Monitoring as a management method allows achieving the purpose of control over education reform. For the purpose of our research, we have adopted the definition of monitoring as a set of standardized procedures for continuous monitoring of changes in the activities of the studied object and directing these changes to achieve the object’s given development parameters. Thus, the purpose of the article is to illustrate the use of monitoring studies to collect statistical data for the case study, such as the readiness of general secondary education institutions to introduce a specialized school as a part of the third level of general secondary education. During the basic monitoring study of the organization of career guidance work in general secondary education institutions, conducted in October-November 2020, the standardization of the procedure was followed with the help of the Google Forms service. The service was used to develop and aggregate a questionnaire for deputy directors of educational institutions. The questionnaire contained qualitative indicators on the organization of career guidance in educational institutions, namely information on the experience of work organization, its effectiveness, the need to improve the professional level of teachers for the organization of career guidance. The main results of the case study are as follows. Career guidance was organized in the majority (96,9 %) of general secondary education institutions. 69,3 % of respondents rate the efficiency of vocational guidance organized in general secondary education institutions as «high», 14,4 % – as «low» and «lower» (2,6 % and 11,8 %, respectively). The features of the organization of career guidance are revealed, the needs of educational institutions for the modernization of this work are singled out, the request of the respondents for raising the professional level on the research subject is determined. The analysis provided an opportunity to formulate conclusions and recommendations that will be an objective tool for creating a strategy for reforming career guidance, taking into account the needs of the labor market and the abilities and talents of high school students.
Keywords: career guidance, general secondary education institution, monitoring, pedagogical monitoring, statistical data, educational activity.
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