Tetyana Yasinska


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Language: Ukrainian
Abstract. The current stage of development of the world economy, based on advanced digital technologies, increases the relevance of education, professionalism, and creative abilities of participants in the production process. The article is aimed at substantiating the determining role of human capital development in the economic recovery of Ukraine in the post-pandemic and post-war periods. One of the comprehensive indicators for assessing the quality of human capital is the Human Development Index. This indicator measures the country’s average achievements in the following aspects of human development: long and healthy life, knowledge and a decent standard of living. A review of the values of the Human Development Index and gross national income per capita of the world revealed a correlation between the two indicators. This is confirmed in the article by a graphical representation of positions of countries in the coordinate system “HDI-GNI per capita”, as well as the high value of the coefficient of determination of the constructed correlation model. The mutual nature of the dependence between these indicators is formulated and substantiated. A schematic model of the relationship between human development and the economic growth of the country is proposed. The crucial role in human development of the factor of providing conditions for equal access to quality education for all segments of the population in all corners of the world is described. The article highlights targets in the field of education, the achievement of which is a benchmark of activities of the world community until 2030 according to the Sustainable Development Goals. The achievements of Ukraine in the sphere of education over the years of independence are assessed, and gaps and main directions of further work on providing the population with access to quality education are identified. The conclusion about the exceptional importance of human capital in the process of reconstruction of Ukraine is formulated.
Keywords: human capital, Human Development Index, Sustainable Development Goals, education reform in Ukraine, quality of education, European intellectual and information space.

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